Sin City?

Earlier in January, I went on a little getaway to the land of Las Vegas. My friend had won a free stay at the Plaza in Old Vegas, so I figured, why not?

First off, I should mention my main motivation in going was due to the already established plan of road tripping to Zion National Park and Death Valley National Park from Vegas. I mean, Vegas would be cool and all since I’m 22 now and can legally drink and go clubbing and whatnot. But nature! Wow! We literally traveled to four different states in our four-day trip. We had the opportunity to take in all these beautiful sites that were produced naturally. The world is so cool.

Alright, let me break it down by days:

January 17. Zion National Park

In preparation for this park, I scoured all over Instagram for #zionnationalpark. Where would be the prettiest spots? Or even, a realistic view given our time constraint. What kept on popping up was the view from Angel’s Landing. The pictures were stunning, and they were most likely not doing the view any justice. However, the hike was 5 miles round trip and we had limited time in the park, so we opted not to do it. We traveled to other parts of the park, such as the Emerald Pools Trail, beginning part of The Narrows, and Riverside Walk. These all had pretty views despite the lack of elevation, but I would like to return one day to do Angel’s Landing and to get as high as an angel (is that why it’s called Angel’s Landing?). One downside to this trip was my foolish packing, thinking all the places we’d be traveling to would be too warm for a jacket. Ya girl only brought one long sleeve (stay tuned for my repeated outfit on day two) and was insanely cold throughout the day. I’ll admit my lack of preparedness somewhat took away from the overall experience in Zion. Learn from my mistake, bring a jacket wherever you go!

January 18. Seven Magic Mountains + Death Valley National Park

Given the previous day, I had checked the forecast of Death Valley, and it was going to be a high of 80°F. I was ready with my long sleeve though, just in case. We took a quick detour to Seven Magic Mountains, which is a public art installation by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone that will be on view until May 2018!  Each colorful tower is taller than 30 feet, which is a little more than six Amys stacked on top of each other for your reference. We attempted a handful of attempts at climbing on the rocks, but I’m 99% sure they made the rocks slippery for us hooligans. But we made it onto the rocks after a handful plus one attempts!

After this detour, our road trip consisted of nothing but sand and more sand in the landscape en route to Death Valley, as well as nonexistent cell reception which gave us the opportunity to authentically bond with one another (lol). We spent a good amount of time (and got a good work out in) venturing through the sand dunes. We also visited Badwater Basin, which is the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level. Why’s it named Badwater you ask (you probably didn’t but I’m going to answer anyway)? Because of the plentiful salt deposits of the surrounding area making the water undrinkable. That was a pretty badass place (hehe). Other places we visited were the Artist’s Palette and the Natural Bridge Canyon! The rocks at Artist’s Palette are multicolored due to the oxidation of metals during Death Valley’s most violently explosive volcanic period. The Natural Bridge was caused due to erosive flash flooding throughout thousands of years. At the end of the day, I was pretty happy with the sights. Death Valley is actually full of life!

January 19. Las Vegas Strip + The Chainsmokers

And finally, we made our way to the actual city! At the start of the day, we went out for brunch at a place called Makers & Finders Coffee, then took a nice stroll around the Arts District. There wasn’t too much to see there so then we spent the rest of the day exploring the Las Vegas Strip! There were so many lights! I even won money at some casinos! Only like $15 on the slots that day, but that’s still a win in Vegas. Throughout the day we got approached by a ton of club promoters to attend their event that night. We kept on saying no because we had actually bought tickets to see The Chainsmokers. Didn’t think that we’d regret it, but we definitely did when we arrived at the club a little past midnight, and there was a huge line to get into the actual club from the poolside but guest list was in their own, quicker line. BUT MAN, THOSE LIGHTS WERE PRETTY. They were actually better poolside than inside the club, in my opinion. We finally got in at 2am and got pretty close to the front of the stage (I’m blessed to be short and nonthreatening at concerts). The Chainsmokers were better than I expected, considering their performance at the VMAs in 2016. That was cringey. This night was not! What I learned was: even if you have tickets, get on that guest list. Not sure if this applies to all clubs in Vegas, though.

The following day consisted of just sleeping in and leisurely making our way to the airport. My first legal Vegas trip was a real good time! Highlight of the trip was probably visiting the national parks and witnessing the pretty lights at the club. Maybe I’ll make another trip to Vegas before my 20s are over and it may be a wilder time, but also, maybe not. Stay tuned!

This was also the trip that began my selfie revolution. See my travel Instagram if you’re curious 🙂

Till the next journey,


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